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With over 20 years of experience, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people find their ideal homes! From looking for their dream home to relocating and even to downsizing, I have been able to walk through and help many people with their home-buying needs. And now I get to help the next generation embark on the same journey! This blog is a compilation of helpful information that I have learned over the years that pertains to buying a home in every stage of life, and I hope that you can get some amazing value from it!
"What's Going On In Boise?" July 2019 Edition


July is a busy month here in the great city of Boise! Between all of the concerts, the wonderful ways to enjoy the outdoors, and the celebration of our nation’s independence, there’s no shortage of activities to choose from this month!


Take a look at “What’s Going On In Boise?” July 2019 Edition and get your month’s activities planned out!


What’s Going On In Boise?


Liberty Day Parade, Thursday July 4, 11am-3pm, Downtown Boise


This year’s parade theme is “Keeping the Flame of Freedom”. 


Join the city as we celebrate our nation’s freedom with our annual Liberty Day Parade! Join us in downtown Boise on Thursday the 4th at 11am to enjoy the festivities!

Knitting Factory Events


Galactic ft Erica Falls

July 9th – 8:00 pm at Knitting Factory


July 13th – 8:00 pm at Knitting Factory


Band of Horses, Nikki Lane

July 16th – 8:00 pm at Knitting Factory


100.3 The X Presents: X-Clusive Showcase

July 19th – 8:00 pm at Knitting Factory


Trampled By Turtles

July 22nd – 8:00 pm at Knitting Factory


Bobaflex, Artifas, Vault7

July 25th – 8:00 pm at Knitting Factory


Frank Iero & The Future Violents, Geoff Rickly

July 26th – 8:00 pm at Knitting Factory


David Koechner

July 27th – 8:00 pm at Knitting Factory


Marilyn Manson, Palaye Royale

July 31st – 8:00 pm at Knitting Factory


6th Annual Tater Dash Mud Run, Eagle, Idaho


Twin Oaks Farms in Eagle, Idaho presents the 6th annual TATER DASH MUD RUN July 20th!!!


This is an event of epic proportions! Local landscape architect Jeff Smith has constructed a 5.2-mile obstacle course on 180 acres of prime farmland featuring 79 obstacles.


As a farmer, Smith was troubled by the waste he saw at the end of his annual potato harvest and in the interest of promoting community spirit and family fun, he decided to use one of his preexisting creations, a large stepped pyramid, to build the obstacle course. The Tater Dash Mud Run promises to be an exciting event that will be remembered for years to come. Jeff is a crazy man . . . so don’t be surprised if you happen to find another dozen or so obstacles on the course come game day!


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN and each ticket includes a $10 food and drink voucher.


Register between 1/16/19 – 4/15/2019 : $50


Register between 4/16/19 – 5/31/2019: $55


Register between 6/1/2019 – 6/15/2019: $60


Register between 6/16/19 – 7/19/2019: $65


Day Of Race Registration – 7/20/2019: $70


The 4th Annual Veteran’s Memorial Golf Tournament, July 27th, 8am


It’s almost that time of year again! One of the biggest tournaments of the summer, and the most fun for sure!  Please let us know if you would like to participate this year! Also if you’d like to donate, there are different options available! You may sign up or donate through Chelsey Finn Stoddart, Mary Treasure or Heather Marie Kerbs.


1st shotgun start 8:00 am


Tribute to the veterans and flag ceremony 1:30 pm


2nd shotgun start 2:00 pm


Some other great resources to see what's going on in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley are the Boise Live Music Calendar, the Go Out Local Calendar, and the Boise Events Calendar!




 "What's Going On In Boise?" July Market Statistics


Click below for an in-depth look at the Treasure Valley Home Market Statistics for July 2019! You can always find the most up-to-date information that you need to know on the #KelleySimonSays blog!


Ada County Existing Home Statistics

Ada County New Construction Statistics

Canyon County Existing Homes Statistics

Canyon County New Construction Statistics


"What's Going On In Boise?" June 2019 Edition


With summer in full swing and Father's Day on the way, there are plenty of great things to do around Boise!


Check out "What's Going On In Boise" this month!


What's Going On In Boise?



Old Boise Country Music Festival


Head on out to the second annual Old Boise Country Music Festival held outdoors on June 8, 2019, in Old Boise on 6th and Grove St. in downtown Boise, Idaho.


Formerly known as The Garden City Country Music Festival staged in Garden City last year, they have a new name, a fantastic lineup and an even better musical experience in store for you. They are the premier family-friendly, one-day country music festival.


109 South 6th Street, Boise, ID 83702


Everybody’s favorite free party in the park is coming to Meridian’s Settlers Park, Sunday, June 9th.


Plan to spend the afternoon enjoying concerts from Jordan Feliz, I Am They, Kurtis Hoppie, The Young Escape! All of it…FREE! 


This year Parktacular will be honoring First Responders and their families.


Next, the Parktacular Car Show will be featuring every kind of car you can think of, from Corvettes to Model-Ts!


For the kids, Bounces houses, Inflatables, and more will be set up and ready to go! They won’t want to miss the climbing wall and the American Ninja Wipeout obstacle course!


If all of that wasn’t enough, you’ll get to browse a huge variety of Trade Show vendors, showcasing businesses and non-profits from around the Treasure Valley. Then grab a bite to eat from one of the fantastic Food Vendors on hand with something for everybody.


Settler's Park

June 9, 2019

1 pm - 9 pm




Arts and Crafts Week at Anchor Bistro


A new musician, brewery, and chef will be out on the patio every night from 6:00-10:00.


Tantalize your senses during arts and crafts week! Every night we will have a new experience.  6 Different musicians, 6 different breweries with representatives and swag, 6 different culinary dishes prepared directly on the patio!


June 10 - June 15

334 Blue Lakes Boulevard North 
Twin Falls, ID 83301  




Father's Day Old Boise Model Railroad 


Old Boise Model Railroad Club Is Proud to Present:


Father’s Day (Saturday) Open House


In honor of Dad’s everywhere, The Old Boise Model Railroad will be holding an Open House. Another great attraction for Dad’s, Mom’s, kids and families in Downtown Boise! Here are the details:


Where: Downtown Boise at 6th and Main in The Historic Pioneer Bldg.,


When: Saturday, June 15th, 10 AM to 4 PM (Father’s Day Weekend)


What: Watch model trains running through scenic towns, mountains, and industries. See passenger, freight, steam, diesel and special Model Trains!


Admission: Free!


Come down and see the latest layout updates – new work on the Logging Area, Cool new (old) Passenger Trains, and how to re-use old Rail Cars!!   Dad really wants to go watch some trains!!!  And he can bring the Grandkids!!!


Some other great resources to see what's going on in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley are the Boise Live Music Calendar, the Go Out Local Calendar, and the Boise Events Calendar!




"What's Going On In Boise?" June Market Statistics

Click below for an in-depth look at the Treasure Valley Home Market Statistics for June 2019! You can always find the most up-to-date information that you need to know on the #KelleySimonSays blog!


Ada County Existing Home Statistics

Ada County New Construction Statistics

Canyon County Existing Homes Statistics

Canyon County New Construction Statistics


Fun in the Sun in Boise--The Best Places to Cool Off This Summer!


With Memorial Day weekend comes the beginning of the summer season, and particularly the time to enjoy sunshine and swimming!


Check out this list of some great pools and waterparks around the Boise area that you and your family can enjoy this summer!



Boise City Aquatics Center


The Boise City Aquatics Center is one of Boise's public indoor swimming facility connected to the West Family YMCA. The Boise City Aquatics Center is open to any Boise resident as well as YMCA members.



Borah Pool


Season passes to Borah Pool can be purchased any time at Fort Boise Community Center, 700 Robbins Rd. or (208) 608-7680 or can be purchased at each pool once the season begins.



Ivywild Pool


Ivywild Pool features a wading pool designed for non-swimming youth ages 6 years and under. The wading pool has a zero-depth entry with curved shapes and numerous play amenities. 

Season passes can be purchased any time at Fort Boise Community Center, 700 Robbins Rd. or (208) 608-7680 or can be purchased at each pool once the season begins.



Natatorium Pool and Hydrotube


Season passes can be purchased for the Natatorium Pool and Hydrotube any time at Fort Boise Community Center, 700 Robbins Rd. or (208) 608-7680 or can be purchased at each pool once the season begins.



Roaring Springs Water Park


Ranked the 8th best water park in the nation, Roaring Springs Water Park is a great place for the entire family this summer! 


Come and enjoy the water slides and extensive pools to cool off during the summer heat!



Understanding the Role of Your Realtor


You may be wondering if you really need a real estate agent to help you through the home buying or selling process. Could it really be that difficult to handle yourself? Does having a real estate agent along really make it that much easier?


The process of buying or selling a home can be bumpy, and there is a lot more involved in these transactions than many people realize. Understanding the role of your realtor can help you see why having a professional on your side can make the whole process less stressful.


There are several things that a real estate agent can bring to the table that can make your experience flow smoother and more easily.

Understanding the Role of Your Realtor


1) They Act As a Guide


A real estate agent's first task is to take the time to learn about your wants, needs, preferences, budget, and motivation for buying or selling your home. A good agent will act as a guide by helping you narrow down your search by identifying your priorities.


2) They Are There to Educate You


A good agent will provide you with data on the local home market and comparable sales. They will also be there to help explain the complicated aspects of a home-buying or home-selling process and provide counsel to you along the way.


3) They Have a Network That Can Benefit You


Everyone likes having friends with connections, and that is another essential part of what a real estate agent brings to the table.


An agent that is familiar with your ideal neighborhoods will often know about the homes that are for sale, even before they get listed.


Experienced agents usually know other agents in the area and will have good working relationships with them. This can result in smooth transactions if you happen to be purchasing a home listed by one of these fellow agents.


Your agent should also be able to refer you to trusted professionals like lenders, home inspectors, and contractors.


4) They Are Your Advocate


When you work with a realtor, you are their first priority. You have an expert in the field who is looking out for your best financial interests and who is contractually bound to do everything in their power to protect you.


They will be your advocate throughout the whole process.


5) They Are Professional Negotiators


The negotiation process can be stressful, so having an agent there to handle the details, including the preparation of all necessary offer and counteroffer forms, can be a huge stress reliever.


If anything was discovered during the home inspection, your agent can help you negotiate for repairs. This can be an especially stressful part of negotiating for the buyers, so having an agent there to ask these kinds of requests can save a lot of stress for the buyer.


6) They Can Manage the Minutia


There is an exhaustive amount of paperwork that goes along with a real estate transaction. If you forget to initial a clause or check a box, everything will have to be resubmitted. A good agent understands the deadlines and details that go along with all of the paperwork and can help you navigate these complex documents.


7) Their Job Is To Look Out For You


There is any number of things that can kill a deal as you approach closing. A good agent knows to watch for trouble before it's too late and can handle challenges that arise with their skill and experience.



Professional real estate agents don't just drive clients around to look at homes; they do so much more than that. Find areal estate agent that you trust and who you feel comfortable working with. You’re sure to benefit from their experience, knowledge of the local market and negotiation skills.


If you need a real estate agent to help you through the home-buying or home-selling process, give Kelley Simon a call! Her many years of experience can help you through buying or selling your home smoothly and stress-free. Give her a call today to see how she can help you!

Call: 208.484.5333


How To Stage the Interior of Your Home


When you are putting your house on the market, staging your home is a crucial part of the entire process. "Staging" is setting your home up to be an attractive option to potential buyers by making it look like a comfortable home that anyone can see themselves living in.


Here are a few ways to stage the interior of your home to make it as attractive to potential buyers as possible.


How To Stage the Interior of Your Home



Style it for Lifestyle


Make sure your furniture and decor are clean, appealing, and inviting.  If your furnishings and accessories are old or worn out, it can give buyers the impression that your home is dated and requires renovations, which means more time and money in their mind.


If you don’t have furniture to stage and style with, you can use a company that provides on-demand furniture to help create a fresh lifestyle feel when staging your home to sell. 



Make Simple Updates


You may want to consider updating light fixtures, window treatments, and possibly even the flooring if it’s dated or worn out. If your kitchen or bathroom is dated, you can freshen it up with paint and new cabinet hardware.


When buyers see things that are old and in rough condition, it equates to work and extra money in their heads. And sometimes all these little things can add up to be “too much work” in their mind, even though they are all just simple, minor fixes on their own.



Clear the Clutter Out and Depersonalize Your House


You want potential buyers to be able to visualize themselves living and loving life in your home, so make sure to remove any personal items that may interfere with their ability to picture that.


Personal photos, clutter on the fridge, and overstuffed shelves can give the impression that your home is too small or lacks storage space.  Packing up some of your belongings ahead of the move can create free space in your closets and open them up.  


Do a big PURGE now before you move and keep simple, essential items while packing away and storing things that you won’t need until after you move.


If you want help with advice on staging and selling your home, give Kelley Simon a call and she will help you get the best price for you and your beautifully staged home!


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